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  • Officer xuan | Ann to strong science and technology in July 2022 formally in alibaba platform 2022-07-08

    We warmly congratulate Suzhou Anlaiqiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. on the official opening of 1688 Alibaba online store. Welcome to buy and place your orders! Click the link below to jump to Anlai Strong technology store directly! Suzhou Anlai Qiang Electronic Tech......

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  • AnlaiQiang Ling White Line Mountaineering Activity 2020-11-23

    The autumn is high and the air is clear, the sky is clear, the crane soars up, and the poetry is sent to Bixiao. On November 8th, in order to enrich and invigorate employees’ amateur cultural life and strengthen exchanges among various departments, An Laiqiang decided to increase the cohesion between colle......

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  • AnLaiqiang’s fourth quarter marketing center conference was successfully held 2020-11-23

    On November 7, 2020, the fourth quarter marketing meeting of this year was held at the headquarters of Anlaiqiang. On the basis of inheriting the previous business summary and work plan, this conference increased the promotion of market business process optimization, product knowledge and industry applicat......

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  • 2020 The 4th Shenzhen International Charging (Station) Pile Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2020-11-23

    November 2-November 4, Anlaiqiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Participated in Shenzhen International Charging (Station) Pile Technology and Equipment Exhibition 2020 The 4th Shenzhen International Charging Station (Pile) Technology and Equipment Exhibition Abbreviation: Shenzhen Chargin......

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  • 2020 First “AnLaiqiang” Cup Badminton Competition 2020-11-16

    In order to enrich the spare-time cultural life of employees, enhance their physical fitness, and build a platform for employees to communicate with each other and enhance friendship. Recently, the company held the company’s first “An Laiqiang” Cup badminton competition. Mo......

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